A ride with Muhammad Y. Musa, Co-founder *GiveNorthEducation*

A ride with Muhammad Y. Musa, Co-founder GiveNorthEducation

Can you please introduce yourself to us?

Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim!
I am Muhammad Y. Musa, popularly addressed as comrade Maihula, a Kano based.

Can you tell us about your background & how growing up was like for you?

I was born and raised in Kano state into a family of Education enthusiast, I started my primary school at Crown Science and Commercial College from 1999 to 2005, I have my junior secondary education at Government Secondary School Kwankwaso, Madobi LG, from the year 2005 to 2008, then I got admitted to Dawakin Tofa Science College, one Of the frontline science colleges in Kano state, in 2008 for senior secondary education. I finished in 2011. I sat for my first jamb in the same year and scored 233, with which I looked for a placement at the faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Bayero University Kano but proofed abortive due to reasons I can’t say. After this scenario, I then headed to Ahmadu Bello University School of Basic and Remedial Studies for a six month Remedial program in the year 2012 in a preparation to continue with my academics, I was able to score 4.3 CGPA which gave me the chance to secure admission at Ahmadu Bello University Department of Chemical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering. This is the little I can say about my background.

How did your growing up motivate you and what impact did it have in shaping your person & personality?

Being brought up by parents that are very passionate about Education, it helped my scale line in building a humanitarian channel that gives me the chance of teaching more than 5000 students roughly at a younger age like mine, I was able to impact more lives positively from rural to urban areas across Northern Nigeria through a project tagged “GiveNorthEducation” which is an advocacy for a free and quality education to the less privileged and vulnerable children’s in the north. All I can is my personality has been shaped towards the path of righteousness, Alhamdulillaah Rabbil Alameen.

One can say your upbringing is what inspired you to start “GiveNorthEducation

I founded this project together with some group of colleagues from across the North, Pharmacist Usman Nasir from Jigawa State, Dr. Ahmad Hassan from Nasarawa State, Architect Hudan from Kano State, Dan Lawan (a barrister in the making) from Kaduna State and some more.

When did you start “GiveNorthEducation” officially?

April 2019.


What challenges have you faced in running GiveNorthEducation and how did you handle them?

GiveNorthEducation, like every other project, has faced and is facing a lot of challenges, mainly financial. It’s something that requires financial stability and community engagement for its collaboration. Alhamdulillaah, this has never stop us from reaching far, we are trying all the possible best to reach even the most remote areas with the little available resources.
GiveNorthEducation is still young, what are the plans you have for it?
Our plan for GiveNorthEducation is to reach West Africa and Africa as a whole. In Africa we are facing the same challenges, and as such we vow to make GiveNorthEducation very functional across every corner in this region.

What are your principles in life?
Honesty, focus, struggle and determination.

How do you cope with your personal life and run GiveNorthEducation?
I cope with my personal life through a purpose of sincerity and focus, I respect time and I strictly adhered to a personal time scheduling, running GiveNorthEducation takes half of my time but that doesn’t restrict my day to day activities, we run this project with our money, since its inception we have had no intervention or help from anyone and gladly as you can see we are achieving a great success. Glory be to God.


Will getting grant from government or private organization help “Give North Education”?

It will contribute immensely in actualizing this mission that will create more chances of touching lives from every corner across the north.



What is/are your advice(s) for the young ones out there?

My advice to the younger ones always is they should make school as their top priority doing that will give them an automatic ticket to view even beyond the horizon, they should have a purpose of sincerity because it’s what makes a man complete.

Jazaak Allaahu Kharian for your time

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