Allah does not love the treacherous

“And if you fear treachery from any people (with whom you have a covenant), then publicly throw their covenant at them. Allah does not love the treacherous”. (Quran 8:58)

The verse mentioned above is from the Quran, specifically from Surah Al-Anfal (Chapter 8, verse 58). This verse addresses the issue of treachery and betrayal in the context of covenants or agreements between parties.

In this verse, Allah provides guidance on how to deal with situations where there is a fear of treachery from those with whom a covenant or agreement has been established. The verse instructs believers to take a public and clear stand against treachery by openly nullifying the covenant or agreement with the treacherous party. By doing so, the treacherous individuals are made aware of the consequences of their actions and the violation of the agreement.

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It is important to note that the Quran strongly condemns treachery and deceitful behavior, emphasizing the importance of upholding trust and fulfilling commitments. Allah emphasizes that He does not love those who are treacherous, meaning that such actions are contrary to the attributes and qualities that are beloved to Allah.

This verse serves as a reminder for individuals and communities to be vigilant and cautious when dealing with agreements or covenants. If there is a genuine concern about the other party’s intention to betray or act treacherously, it is permissible to publicly revoke the covenant in order to safeguard one’s interests and protect against potential harm.

Overall, this verse encourages transparency, honesty, and the importance of fulfilling agreements while cautioning against treacherous behavior. It reminds believers of the significance of trustworthiness and integrity in their interactions with others, as these qualities are beloved to Allah.

Folorunso, Fatai Adisa


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