Barakah Ummu Ayman

Barakah Ummu Ayman

She married Ubayd ibn Zayd for whom she bore a son whose name was Ayman. She was blessed with long life and she became one of the earliest Muslims when the light of Prophethood emerged.

Umm Ayman deserved to be one of the first individuals to embrace Islam, for she used to feel and hear news and prophesies about the advent of Muhammad as a Prophet and a Messenger, and as a bringer of glad tiding and a warmer.

When it was time for migration, she migrated. Circumstances of her migration were one of the signs of her deep faith. Ibn Sa’d recorded in his book Tabaqât: “When Umm Ayman migrated, she spent the evening at an-Naşr that lies before ar-Rawha’.” She was thirsty and she had no water.

Umm Ayman had risen above all sentiments and feelings and the materialism of this earth unto the horizons of the heavens and unto the highest places of Paradise.

In Madeenah, Umm Ayman would be kind to the Prophet and attend to him. Sufiyân ibn ‘Uyaynah narrated that Umm Ayman would be kind to the Messenger of Allah (s)whenever he visited her inquiring about her conditions and remembering her motherly care for him, and her compassion.


Her house was one of the few houses in which the Prophet would seek succour and rest. Her friends among the female Companions always found blessings when he visited Umm Ayman as they were always happy by his giving them preference over others.

The Messenger of Allah said one day in Makkah, in the presence of some of his Companions before migration, “Whoever wishes to marry a woman among the women of Paradise should marry Umm Ayman.”

This is a noble statement that carries many great meanings. If we tried to understand the depths of this statement and its meaning, our understanding and our pens could not comprehend or encompass that.

How can someone who wishes to marry a woman among the people of Paradise, not himself be one of the people of Paradise?!

Ummu Ayman lived a long life that spanned decades. The body could then no longer bear the vicissitudes of time. The time came for Ummu Ayman to join her loved ones, Muhammad and his Companions. Death came to her with glad tiding and her soul departed from this world to its Lord. May Allah be pleased with her and please her. May He give her honourable entertainment and abode. May He make us join her company of the righteous among the servants of Allah. Ameen

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