The meaning of taharah

Taharah means cleanliness and purity, and in the Shari’ah it is of two types: Intangible (taharah maʿnawiyyah) Tangible (taharah ḥissiyyah) As for the intangible form of taharah, it is the purification (taharah) of the hearts from shirk and bidaʿ (innovations) in the worship of Allah, and from holding any malice, grudge, envy, hatred and so […]

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Barakah Ummu Ayman

Barakah Ummu Ayman

Barakah (which means blessing), as an ordinary meaning perfectly corresponded with the situation of Barakah, UmmuAyman. This is because; the situation of some people greatly suits the meaning of the names they bear. She married Ubayd ibn Zayd for whom she bore a son whose name was Ayman. She was blessed with long life and

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