I've Always Had The Vision of Running a Business and Here I am today, a Proud Shoemaker.

I’ve Always Had The Vision of Running a Business and Here I am today, a Proud Shoemaker.

While many women today will rather go into the business of buying and selling shoes, Moyosola Iwashokun would rather go into the Shoemaking Business. Why has she decided to change the norm and defy the odds with a large chunk of uncertainties? You can only find that out from the horse’s mouth. Let’s take a peep into the story of Sister Moyosola, the woman of few words.

Assalāmu ‘Alaikum Wa Rahmatullāh Wa Barakahtuhu

Please Ma’am, can you kindly introduce yourself to us?

My name is Moyosola Irodat Iwashokun

Tell us a bit more about yourself. Who’s Moyosola Iwashokun?

Moyosola is a married woman, an Industrial Chemist, a Shoemaker, an entrepreneur, and a practicing Muslim. She hails from the southwestern part of Nigeria. She is the CEO of Gbayi_Signaturez empire

Let’s start with a journey down memory lane. How was growing up like for you?

I grew up in a family of 9, with 7 children, was the 4th child. It was mixed feelings growing up, with financially struggling parents who want to see their children succeed educationally and Islāmically. Alhamdulillāh, we don’t look like what we have been through

Your brand, Gbayi_Signaturez, is fast becoming a popular one on social media platforms, tell us more about it.

Commitment, consistency, hard work brings about success, which you call popularity on social media. Gbayi_Signaturez empire entails shoemaking, which is the first-class arm of our brand. We ensure quality production, timely delivery, and, of course, customers satisfaction, which is the soul of business.

The norm with women is buying and selling shoes, but you chose to go into shoemaking. What informed that decision?

I have always been a lover of well-laid shoes. And also, a 3-days free training in shoemaking while in the University prompted my decision, although I have always had this vision of running a business. And here I am today, a proud Shoemaker.

What challenges have you encountered running this brand?

The major challenge is with diaspora purchases. What I mean is, the logistics rate of sending footwear abroad for those who want to patronize our brand products discourages customers outside the country a lot. Because most times, the delivery charge is the same or higher than the price for a pair of footwear. Although the narrative is getting better, customers tend to patronize regardless of the high delivery charge, because the quality of our products can’t be overlooked.

What should we expect from Gbayi_Signaturez in the future?

Expect great things from the Gbayi_Signaturez empire.

By the way, what made an Industrial Chemist made such a swift change in her career?

I learned shoemaking during my undergraduate program. So, building my business based on my skill was quite easy. Even with a good degree getting a job without connection is somewhat hard in Nigeria. So, I had to monetize my skills.

I know you have other businesses apart from Gbayi_Signaturez, kindly tell us about them.

Well, the Gbayi_Signaturez empire also entail sales of quality Ankara fabrics, production of liquid wash/disinfectants, and logistics (international deliveries & personal shopping)

What are the challenges you’ve had to deal with in running these other businesses?

The major challenge was having a market for new sub-brands. Although, the narrative is changing and things are getting better with time.

What fuels your passion for all these?

That would be my knowledge of science, the skills I’ve acquired, and the zeal of being different and special.

Does your upbringing in any way influence you to be doing any or all of these?

I am from a home of talents. I always wanted to stand out in my own way.

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Does being a Muslim play any role in your many exploits mentioned above?

Being a Muslim didn’t fuel my passion for my businesses but it has helped me to be an upright businesswoman.

Also, does being a Muslim influenced your way of life and your decision-making?

Being a Muslim has influenced me positively. Being upright, time conscious, truthful, and keeping up to promises or delivery dates has made the brands exceptional. Alhamdulillāh, Islām is the way of life and has shaped me perfectly well.

You have your hands on quite a couple of things. How do you combine all of these? How are you able to cope and handle them, and also manage your family?

A supportive partner makes things easy. I am grateful to Almighty Allāh and to my better half who makes running the business(es) and family easy.

As a Muslimah, what religion-related challenges have you experienced?


What would you advise those who wish to tread your path?

Be diligent, resilient, aim high, work on yourself, be humble, be truthful.

What’s your advice for our darling Muslim sisters?

To our darling Muslim sisters, the Hijāb isn’t a barrier to achieving greatness. Depend solely on Allāh, aim high, work on yourself, be diligent, be humble, be hard/smart working.

Any message for the Muslim Ummah?

Peace to the Ummah of Rasūlullāh.

What should we expect from Moyosola in the future?

Expect great and exceptional success from Moyosola and the brand at large.

For those who would like to know more about your brand, how can they reach you?

To reach my brand –

Business contact line: +2349016993403 available on WhatsApp and for calls.

IG handle gbayi_signaturez.

LinkedIn ID: Moyosola Iwashokun

Mailbox: gbayisignaturez@gmail.com

Any other thing you would like to share with us?

Kindly follow us on our social media handles and patronize our brand products/services.

Jazākumullāh khairan

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