The Most Important Job In The World: Parenting

The Most Important Job In The World

The Most Important Job In The World:


Everyday, we wake up to the terrible news in the country.

  • corruption
  • domestic violence
  • kidnapping
  • violence
  • cultism
  • massive corruption by the government workers.

And nowhere is spared. Religious houses, secondary and primary schools, streets etc.

Everyday, they sell information on how to be a Canadian resident, how to relocate to abroad. Our youths slave in other countries to make ends meet. Families are destroyed, Nigerians do arranged marriage to get a green card.

Everyday values are massively lost.

Walking down the street; you see teenagers smoking, sagging, behaving unruly and you wonder…

Do they have parents?

Listening to the teachers in the public secondary schools; you will weep for the faith of our country because so far there are no future leaders ( even future followers).

Coming to the private schools, you see teenagers and young adults being treated like eggs. Punishing and scolding has become barbaric and a student talking back to the teacher has become the in thing (after all he is expressing himself).

My question for you today is where did we get it wrong?

  • Do you understand your most important job in the world?

No matter what you do for a living, when it comes to how you best impact your world today and shape the future, chances are your parenting will have the greatest most lasting influence on others.

What values can you categorically say you teach your kids?

-To be a bully?

  • To be compassionate?

  • To see sex as a way to relieve tension?

  • To see it as a scared thing?

  • To appreciate reading?

-To look for how to runs their way through life?

-To be honest no matter what?

  • To be honest when it pleases them?

  • To be selfish?

  • To be just?

  • To have an entitlement mentality?

  • To learn to surmount problems and difficulties?

No matter the values you tell or preach to them, they will completely ignore it and adopt the values they see you practice.

-Do you still abuse an adult for scolding your child?

  • Do you teach your child to insult another adult you are fighting with?

  • Do you pay for special centres for your children?

  • Do you have mojo on your phone?

  • Do you send your children to help you play your gambling and buy your Indian hemps?

  • Do you allow them go to school by 9am?

  • Do you allow your girl bring gifts home from boys in school and you even share from the money?


Look at your back, you will suffer greatly the consequences of your actions not just on earth but on the day of reckoning.

Training your child(children/ward) well is the greatest reward you can do to yourself. It is the greatest dream and purpose you can have. It is the greatest impact you can make in the world.

Your job is not just to sweat to send them to the classiest schools, or let them wear the skimpiest and trendiest clothes, or make them drive the latest model to oppress their peers.

It is not about letting them just becoming hafizul Quran, or going to the best Arabic school. Or attending church on Sundays.

Your job is to teach them the right values of good morals, good neighborliness, not infringing on people’s right, compassion, honesty and integrity, respect, emotional intelligence, respecting people’s marriage etc.

When next you see a cultist clash, or you are being robbed, or you are told to pay for a bribe; before blaming the government or Nigeria, ask yourself this simple question…

Are you raising a problem or a solution?

Only you can sincerely answer the question.

Yours for greater life fulfilment,

Oyin Ola-Quassim

1 Life Coach in Africa

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