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The Single Most Important Factor That Makes All The Difference…. That sweet Is the Choices You Make…


On Sunday, Hubby and I did some visiting spree. We visited a couple of people and we shared their insights about life.

From the events of people’s lives, to their challenges, to the sad moments, to the regrets to politics.

While all these gists were going on, I was reflecting on the common factors in all these events and a point keeps resonating with me.

– And that sweet, was the choices they made. It made all the difference in their lives and formed how their life turned out to be.

While growing up, I made some drastic choices that formed a large part of who I am today.

-The choice to study and prepare myself till my time will come.

-The choice to choose entrepreneurship and avoid paid employment even when I had no money.

-The choice to have a terrific marriage or die trying.

-The choice to build a personal relationship with God

-The choice to raise Kids who have the best of morals, who have a heart of gold and who have a deep conscience.

-The choice to place my happiness on God’s hand and mine and not on anyone else’s , not even on hubby or my children’s.

-The choice to fight for my dreams and purpose in life.

-The choice to love people with all my heart and not expecting anything in return.

Dear, we all make these choices everyday and it ends up forming a large part of who we become or what happens to us in life.

So whatever you are going through in life today.

-The bad husband

-The fruitful marriage

-The career development

-The lack of finances

-The depression

-The timidity

-The helping of orphans

-The disappointments

-The missing of salat

-The seeking for knowledge

-The excuses for not doing what needs to be done.

-The spending all your time on watching Zee world and African magic.

-The grudges and bitterness

-The personal development

-The excuse for not investing

-The staying in a bad marriage and letting your kids learn how they will behave in future.

-The choice to accept a cheating husband

-The choice to be a good husband and father and be a good leader in your home.

-The choice to fight for your marriage.

-The choice to drift through life.

-The choice to eat food and drinks that damage your health.

-The choice to live healthy and chaste.

-The choice to blame every other person except yourself when things don’t turn out right.

-The choice to break family ties.

– The choice to mend it.

Will form a greater part of how your life will turn out in future and the stories you will tell.

Twenty -Forty years from today, will your present version be proud of your older version?

Will you have any legacy you are leaving behind?

Will you have lived a fruitful and fulfilled life?

It won’t happen by chance dear, the little choices you make everyday will determine where you end up.

God gave you the free will to choose but sweet make the right choices!

“You can always choose what you want from life, but you need to live with the consequences of your actions”


Adams Oyindamola Ola-Quassim

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