To Fellow Entrepreneurs. It’s not a must you must be the boss

To Fellow Entrepreneurs.

It’s not a must you must be the boss. This is a hard reality you have to accept. If you see someone who is in that field, towing same route and has same passion and higher capacity, it might sometimes behooves you to get a merger. I’ve done it twice and trust me, it pays. You are not giving up your dreams and you still are a part of the decision making. Nothing is done without your consent/approval/contribution. The only difference is your title doesn’t read CEO.

To aspiring Entrepreneurs, this is the age of collaboration. You might only make mediocre success if you can’t find and add human value to your business idea. You need only one or two more people depending on your financial capacity.
The first is an IT personnel who gives your business the web and media publicity it needs without you paying a dime because he’s also a share holder and the second is someone who is financially committed and pays what needs to be bought/leased(if you can’t afford it yourself).

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To graphics designers,web developers and IT personnel. You are supposed to be the wealthiest on Earth if only you know. Just find someone with a “killing” business idea and offer your services to be a shareholder. The good thing is you can be a shareholder in as many companies as possible without fuss and your bank account keep growing as if it’s flour immersed in yeast.

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