Is she regarded as yet another episode of a series or the full movie?

Or limited to the thoughts of the obscure man?

Do we still view her as an item of fun?

Or as a toy picked from the rack of a store?
Born with limitations to what she can do is how the girl child comes.

Left to cope in the world of vultures as a dove.
Made and baked like a doll awaiting purchase.

And told that a price is placed on her head.

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In the eyes of the opposite, she’s furniture for home decoration.

And in that of the public, she is a brand waiting to be advertised.

Covered in facial colors and clothed with garments with several hollows.

Even worse are the times she is seen as a desire for the frenzied man.

Waiting to be devoured by the voracious one.

The sadness we propel ourselves to clear out.


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